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Time Has Come Today"

The Freedom Works, the Club for Growth, the Conservative Partnership Institute and the Senate Conservatives Fund have just renewed their call to the GOP to repeal Obamacare. “Many believe that if Republicans made another attempt to repeal Obamacare and replace it with a smaller-government alternative, activists frustrated over the shortcomings of this Congress would be more willing to turn out in November," writes the conservative leaders, who include Jim DeMint and Ken Cuccinelli.

The groups have will also publish a guide to their "Conservative Principles for Health Insurance Reform" that they believe lawmakers should use when crafting health insurance reforms. Among those principles: Expanding health savings accounts, winding down the ACA's Medicaid expansion and instituting Medicaid block grants. (Reference: https://www.politico.com/f/?id=00000163-8c19-d92c-a17f-eddd93ed0000 See the list of principles.) BCS Consultants is in full support of their principles. We will try to convince these groups that Medicare Advantage is the smaller-government alternative they seek.

It seems unlikely that Republicans will take up ACA repeal this year, given Republicans' hesitation after last year's battles and ahead of this fall's midterms. But one lesson of Obamacare repeal is to never count it out, and Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson is among the Republicans who wants to revive the fight. Johnson wants to be used to work on health reform if the August recess period, if cancelled.

Coincidentally, this August Recess will mark the first anniversary when BCS Consultants hand delivered our first Document entitled, “The Best Bi-partisan Answer to Repeal and Replace Obamacare (July 2017) to  

our Congress. We delivered our Proposal to the Leadership and the representatives we believed were focused on the real solutions to the real problems! This included the Senators in the Finance and the Health (HELP) Sub-Committees. In the House, we delivered the proposal to most of the members in the Budget, Ways & Means and Energy & Commerce Sub-committees, including the Tuesday Group and the Freedom Caucus. Their staff took the Plan Document into their possession for ready reference.

Now that we have completed the Cost Comparison and updated this website, we will release an update to our Proposal to all these interested parties, including the White House, HHS, Heritage Foundation and their related work groups, the Conservative Partnership groups, AHIP, the Center for American Progress and the Commonwealth Fund, etc. this year we also plan to meet personally with our Legislators and lobby for the Proposal. If you would like to join us by sending a copy of our Proposal to your Legislators, just call or email us and we will respond. You will soon be able to download the Proposal from this website. We are trying our best to make sure that all the relevant people are aware of our MA Proposal, to eliminate any confusion, misunderstanding, and excuses for lacking the information and so that they may take note of our Proposal in a responsible manner. These Legislators would of course not intentionally ignore us, but they do tend to listen to people with power and money. Unfortunately, we have only the faith that they will hear of our good works and respond appropriately.

So, to sum up, if you care about the futures health care of our nation, you need to contact your Congress person and tell them to consider Medicare Part C – Medicare Advantage as the solution! It is easy to contact your Congressperson by telephone at 1-202-224-3121. We also send them an email, using their CONTACT email formats, which they all have on their websites. Tell them to visit my website and challenge them to tell you why they think Medicare Part C for everybody is NOT a good idea and if they do, ask them what they are going to do about the problems in its stead. The Time has Come Today!

This website has just touched on the critical subject of our collective Health Condition and lifestyle from the stand point of improving it. Congress has been too busy just trying to pay it. The federal government doing some remarkable things to improve our health, which is one of the more effective ways to lower the cost of health care in America. Unfortunately, there is no potent industry or lobby group devoted to health promotion. Alternatively, the food industry and agricultural big business are massive forces in Washington D.C. as our waist lines so visibly well demonstrate. Is there a fatter nation on Earth? To name one would be politically incorrect but I don’t think there is NOT one to name. If Congress would spend as much time on the question of how to improve our physical health and well-being, as they do on our health insurance, controlling the cost of health care would be a problem half solved.

In my life time, we have gone down this road of health insurance reform with Congress so many times. First with Hillary Clinton, who originally had the wisdom to pursue a Medicare Part C plan back in the 70’s. As a young health care executive, I used to shiver with fear at the thought of a Medicare Part C. Then we had the Balanced Budget Acts, which supposedly favored Big Pharma and the hospitals, but also brought us Medicare Part C - Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D (Managed care and Drug coverage for seniors). Then we had ACA - Obamacare in 2010 which again attempted to improve everybody’s health coverage level, expand eligibility and streamline health insurance delivery but unfortunately ended up creating unworkable, overly expensive programs that only attracted people when the coverage was heavily subsidized or free. Now we are maybe talking “Obamacare Light” or maybe “Obamacare Dark” which are attempting to cut money devoted to both the individual health insurance market and the federal cost of Medicaid. Now many Republicans are trying to cut the money and run to the states for a solution, while the Democrats want to push for universal coverage single-payer health care system. You can’t make this stuff up. Trump is so shell shocked by the difficulty to make any progress that he has all but given up on his parties ability to do anything. And, I question whether what we are trying to do Today can make any difference. Everyone wants to know, “Where is the Beef?!” We need Congress to act boldly, do the next right thing and make it better for everyone.   

Last year Christy Chapin Ford, in a New York Times Op-Ed piece on health care noted that pre-paid physician groups were successful in holding down health care costs, much I am sure, to the consternation of many independent practitioners and hospitals. “Physicians established a particularly elegant Model: the pre-paid doctor group. Unlike Today’s physician practices, these groups usually staffed a variety of specialists, including general practitioners, surgeons and obstetricians. Patients received integrated care in one location, with group physicians from across specialties meeting to review treatment options for chronically ill or hard-to-treat patients.” Facility based HMOs, PPOs, PFFS and other group practice models can also work in this manner. These systems tend to hold-down costs. In some of them, physicians typically earn a base salary plus a percentage of the group’s quarterly profits (which they like), so they lack the incentive to either ration care, which would lose them paying patients or provide unnecessary care. Rationed care is a constant complaint in the British Health Service and in our VA system. Unnecessary care is more of a Tort Reform issue.

My guess is that Group Practice organizations are not exactly the darlings of the AMA, or the AHA or possibly Congress for that matter, nor are they very popular within the ivy league halls of Medicine. However, it was Health Maintenance Organizations and Independent Practice Associations that successfully reduced national medical inflation rates to single digits for several years when they were first introduced in the 70’s. And, they staved off the political pressure for national health reform for 3 decades. Multidisciplinary medical practices such as the Lahey Clinic in Massachusetts, Loma Linda Health in California and the Mayo Clinic in New York have each achieved worldwide recognition for their medical excellence, while dramatically lowering their cost of care for their patients. The credibility of these Clinics and their medical excellence is due, in no small part to the commitment that their physicians have to these institutions, which enjoy illustrious histories of superlative medical excellence. This is another fine example of what we do Right!

For the purposes of this proposal, it is important for us all to remember why the federal government created Medicare Part C. It was to save money! Group Practices, HMOs and PPOs are now responsible to taking care of Thirty-five (35%) percent of all the Medicare eligibles enrolled. Their systems are not for everybody, but it sure beats the pants off not having any health insurance at all. Other participating MA providers include Independent Practice Associations and carriers like BlueCross BlueShield, Humana and United Healthcare that have and continue to build, their own physician networks, created especially to take care of Medicare Part C- enrollees. Insurance companies are not always the bad guys. They are an important and integral part of the public/private partnership and one reason to have hope that we can really get the cost of health care under control without scraping the free enterprise system and letting the government take over the industry. We are the most successful advanced industrialized nation in this World. Our health care providers deliver the highest quality health care, which is the envy of all nations and is the preferred provider of the most privileged people on Earth. I hope we are not going to ruin our health care system because we can’t figure out how to make these great services available to our own people!

Aaron Copland and Leonard Bernstein were great composer’s, who wrote beautiful American symphonies. Dr.’s Frank Lahey and Sara Jordan, and Dr.’s William(s) and Charles Mayo and many others renowned physicians developed very successful health care systems in the U.S. We can build on their expertise by creating a health insurance system that relies on our strong and independent public/private partnership that makes their health care available, affordable and accessible for every American citizen. We have made great strides toward this goal, but our current efforts are detracting from this progress. ACA didn’t do the job. So far, all of the reform proposals have failed in Congress. CBO confirmed that none of them would do what we must do, to make the system play like a great American symphony. Medicare Part C has been successful for Twenty (20) years making a great symphonic sound. We must convince our Congress to put aside their partisan politics and take care of the health and well-being of the “We the People”, to whom they are responsible. If we are going to continue to be a successful beacon of freedom and democracy around the World, we need to be the nation that finds a free market solution to health care for all. We do not have to accept the defeat of socialized medicine.

The closest thing we have to socialized medicine is the Veterans Administration (VA). The VA currently takes care of Nine (9) Million veterans, a population similar in size to the ACA. Because of the VAs failures, there is a public battle over privatization. The veterans that I know praise the VA, even when they have suffered severe injury as a direct result of their treatment, including in one case, the permanent loss of lung function as a result of an unintended electric shock. Need I say more? This stuff does not phase the liberals. The latest deal on “VA Choice” reforms in Congress invokes VA standards of care for veterans, the failure of which would trigger VA Choice eligibility, allowing them to seek care from a private medical practitioner. House Democrats uniformly oppose the Bill because they are more concerned about it bringing the VA closer to privatization, which may not bode well for their ambition to take over the private system of health care under a universal scheme. The curious thing is that the democrats are insisting on the need for performance standards for the private practitioners, even going so far as to claim that the private sector is in no way equipped to handle the traumatic injuries, long term rehabilitation and substance abuse issues that many veterans face. I guess they think veterans are better off dying before they can get an appointment to see a doctor and being treated by a public administrative system that lies about their performance?

 President Obama started the Commission on (VA) Care to study the problems. Every major healthcare leader on the panel issuing the June 2016 final report of the Commission on Care endorsed a wider use of private facilities within a clinically integrated system of VA coordination. BCS endorses a wider use of the Medicare C - Medicare Advantage programs within the CMS Guidelines to make available affordable health insurance for all Ture Americans. We have been a slave to Obamacare for too long. We desperately need emancipation. We don’t have to accept anything less than what we want and what will make our healthcare better for everybody. Whether the Democrats and the Republicans get it done right this time or not, BCS and our many Friends and Followers are certain that Medicare Part C – Medicare Advantage is the Right answer.

I hope after reading this document, you will join with us. ONLY YOU can change the course of our health-care history! And, the time to do it is RIGHT NOW! You can help make it happen by calling your Senator and Congressional Representative Today! You can reach them by calling just one phone number: 1-202-224-3121. Or send them an email. Refer them to this BCS website. Share some of the BCS Consultant Business Page Facebook Posts at www.facebook.com/BCSConsultant/. Facebook has barred the BCS Consultants from “Boosting Posts” so that more people can see them. I assume this is because of our conservative position on this matter. I think that is unfair because we all want the same thing. What difference does it make how we get there? They are concerned enough about our reach and the nature of our arguments that WE HAVE BEEN BANNED! If you don’t want them to be successful in shutting us up, please ask all your friends and acquaintances to go to and “LIKE” my BCS Facebook Business Page. Urge all your friends to help. Please tweet and message everyone you know. Maybe we can create a “Medicare-Spring” right here in the USA, where we can all take the next big step, as true Americans toward a health plan that works for all and of which we can ALL be proud. The Time Has Come “Today”! We can all make it happen. It is our blessed time to Rock and Roll Today!